Sunday, June 8, 2008

Purple Haze

Purple is my daughter's favorite color. I don't wear it much myself, but these finds may inspire me to add a few purple pieces to my wardrobe.


I love this purple Angelrox Audrey dress ($229). A jersey dress with a separate obi sash you can tie at the waist or as a scarf. I love pieces like this that are comfortable and easy to wear, but look pulled together. Available at

Miracle Earrings

I like these sweet little milagro earrings with purple charms ($38) from Basic French. I may have to get these for Paloma.

Rich & Skinny

I can't vouch for how these jeans fit because I haven't tried them on, but love the name--Rich and Skinny. I particularly like this bohemian dusty purple color. On sale for $79 at

Susana Monaco

I own a few Susana Monaco dresses. They are stretchy and comfortable and great to throw in the summer. I love that they have enough hold so I can wear them without a bra.

I'm eyeing this purple halter dress ($149) that ties at the back of the neck. Available at


The one-of-kind vintage finds at are amazing. This purple scarf dress ($125) may not be around for long (especially if I buy it). From the 80's, but still looks very current.

Stella McCartney
I bought this small roller ball perfume at the Sephora at the airport as I was leaving on a trip.
What's great is that it's small enough to pass through airport security. I love the roller ball applicator and this floral sent from Stella McCartney is feminine and light.

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