Thursday, June 5, 2008

More Furniture Finds

I'm loving this wire De La Tour chair from Urban Outfitters ($160).

I think these chairs would be great paired with my really rustic wood dining table. I like the contrast of modern industrial, with rustic.

A couple of these chairs would also be great as extra seating in the living room maybe with a sheepskin thrown over them for extra padding.


I also love this root coat rack from VivaTerra ($259). Would be great in our country house. Very organic looking.

Log Furniture
I've been liking the idea of logs as furniture especially if juxaposed against more modern pieces. These log side tables from VivaTerra ($169) are great, but a little steep.


I think I'm probably more inclined to make my own log furniture. The latest issue of Martha Stewart Living (June 2008) has a DIY project for log side tables with painted tops and wheels so you can move them around more easily.

I also like this idea in the same issue of using a tree as a towel rack and piece of driftwood as a bathroom shelf.

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