Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Going Green

Green Nails

Rescue Beauty Lounge makes the best shade of green nail polish ($18) that I've found. Available online at amazon.com or rescuebeauty.com.

Gryson Handbags

I just ordered one of these green patent handbags from Target. . Available in three styles and all in the $49 range. I think they look like more expensive bags, but then I am very cheap when it comes to handbags. Can't shell out $400 for something that I'm going to toss on the bathroom floor.

Travelling Green

After being chastised for taking a two-day business trip with a huge suitcase my friend & co-worker David turned me on to these great expandable carry-on's from Heys ($75-$120). They fit easily in the overhead bin and expand in the middle for this purchases during the trip. Best of all they come in all kinds of colors and patterns. I love this dark green one.

Available online from ebags.com.

Eating green

I have tried a lot of different prepared guacamole's and have always been dissapointed. Usually they are completely favorless or taste less than fresh. Well, I have to say that Whole Foods Market guacamole rivals anything that we could make at home. In fact it is so good, that we have not made our own for quite some time. Just a hint of spicyness, super fresh, with a bit of onion and tomatoes. You should really try this.

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