Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pugotties Rule!

What do you get when you mix a Pug with a Scotty?

Only the most awesome dog ever--The Pugottie!

This is our wonder-dog Otto. He's the perfect blend of terrier and pug. Loves to play fetch and is fairly active, but still mellow enough to cuddle up on the couch. He's got the ears and tail of a pug, and a slightly shorter nose than a Scotty. His wirey coat and coloring look very much like a Scotty, but his hair is shorter.

The Puggottie is actually a recognized hybrid and can be registered with the AKC if both parents are purebreds. In Otto's case his dad was a pug and his mom was a Scotty.

I would love to get another one if we could find one. Let me know if you hear of any Pugottie breeders!!


Lorian Rivers said...

Ok, I have a pugs and they are awesome. BUT, after looking thru all the pug hybrids I had totally decided that a Pug was one of those breeds that just should NEVER be mixed with anyone else. Talk about ugly!

And then I found the Pugottie! OMG is that the cutest thing you have ever seen or what?

I found yours and the other one online called Wally...and they are adorable!

Shutterbug said...

I agree they are pretty adorable! I started a Pugottie Fan Club group on Facebook where I'm hoping to collect photos of Pugotties from other Pugottie owners.

Amber said...