Saturday, May 23, 2009

Natural Nails

Fingers and Toes nail salon in Mill Valley first turned me onto this nail polish brand, Zoya. I was naturally drawn to the rich hues and color choices and didn't realize until I did a little bit of research that Zoya polish is all natural, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor and DBP (dibutyl phthalate) free too!

Besides having great colors this line is exremely long-wearing and durable. I love the mossy green metallic called Irene. Or, the bright-neon orange called Paz and Ki, the plum with green metallic highlights.

Zoya also offers each of their collections in sample sizes ($35) so you can try more colors economically like this Candy collection from their line. Available from or (and I'm sure many other places!).

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Going on Safari

Here's a few safari-inspired basics that could be mixed and matched with just about anything in your spring/summer wardrobe.


This silk vest ($109) from would be great belted with a pencil skirt or with pleated and cuffed trousers. The vest has satin trim at the zippered pockets and smocking on the back nips the vest in at the waist. Also available in khaki green.

Seychelles Wedges

These platform wedges ($98) in taupe would be great with safari separates. Love the cutout opening in the heel. Available online only from

Safari Shirt

This slim-fitting Linen safari shirt ($198) would be great dressed down wtih jeans or dressed up with a skirt or trousers. Available in khaki green or white by Ralph Lauren blue label.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Fashion Show

Finally a replacement to fill the void left by Project Runway! The Fashion Show is Bravo's new fashion design show now that Lifetime network snatched away Project Runway. However, why Lifetime can't seem to churn out a new season of Project Runway while Bravo issues a brand new show is a mystery!

I had planned to remain faithful to Project Runway, but I watched the first episode of Bravo's new show online today and I have to say that I don't really miss the old show (especially after being kept waiting so long). A few things are different--less focus on the models for example. However, the parts that are absent are not parts I cared about anyway! I do miss Tim Gunn, but you can't have everything.

The Fashion Show airs Thursday's at 10:00 pm or you can watch full-length episodes on the website.

D.I.Y. Studded Sneakers

I love these studded converse sneakers from

However, at least for me the price tag of $525 is completely out of the question. I'm sure a lot of hand work went into these and, if you can afford them I say go for it! If not, with a little time and patience, I think this is a perfect D.I.Y. project.

First get yourself a pair of regular converse black hi-tops ($45). carries these in white or black or you can get a variety of colors from

Then purchase metal studs in bulk. has a great selection. For this project you would need the pyramid studs in both small and standard sizes (a bag of 100 is $3.30).

Here's a tutorial on how to stud leather. For canvas the step of poking holes can be skipped. I'll let you know how mine turn out. Happy studding!

Tickled Pink

Something comes over me as soon as soon weather warms up and I find myself craving the pink and girly. Paired with summer whites, these bright accessories will jazz up your spring and summer wardrobe in a flash.
Purple Purse
I love this Leather satchel ($198) from Urban Outfitters in a gorgeous spring color called Emperor Purple. The bag is lined in satin with a magnetic latch closure and adjustable straps. Perfect size for all the stuff I carry around!

Pink Timex

For the feminine geek, these retro watches from Timex ($50) come in an array of bright colors. I love the bright pink one. Unfortunately, they seem to be sold out wherever I look. If you find one snatch it up! You can find some styles at Barneys.

Floral Scarf

Summer scarves are in this season and this pink floral scarf ($68) in a gauzy wool will ward off a chill on those cooler summer evenings. Available in lime green, orange and white from

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Glorious Gladiator

Tie Dye Gladiator Top

This sexy top from Brazilian deigner Cecilia Debucourt ($172) is accented with oxidized silver studs. In a drapey soft rayon jersey that dips low in the back or front, depending on how you tie the straps in back. Love the tie-dye fablic in a soft gray this is the perfect mix of laid-back bohemian and rocker style. Available from and

Gladiator Belt

Also by Cecilia Debucourt this fantastic gladiator wrap belt ($85-$95) would give any outfit an instant update. Currently sold out on PlanetBlue it is available direct from the designer here.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

By the Numbers

Our house is tucked away in a grove of oak trees down a steep and curvy driveway so we've been looking for big house numbers to better identify our house for guests or delivery people. Here's a few options I've found that would be great for house numbers even if your house is in plain sight.

Gas Station Numbers

Vintage gas station signs are great for being able to see numbers at a distance. There are actually quite a few different fonts and colors available. I happen to like red numbers on a cream background, but you can also find red and white, black and white and navy and white.

Etsy is a good source for these vintage signs and you can find them from $10-$40. There are quite a few sellers that have them if you do a search on the site. Here are some sellers with these numbers for sale at the time of this posting: 26 Olive Street, Cousinm's Shop and Blue Bell Bazaar.

Marquee Numbers

Another great source of large numbers are numbers from old theater marquee signs. You can find these in metal or plastic in all different fonts, sizes and colors.
Ebay is a good source to find these or you can also find them on Etsy if you do a search or at flea markets and antique fairs.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Utilitarian Chic

Maybe because times are tough right now, but suddenly I find myself drawn to simple, utilitarian pieces that can do double duty--can be worn for work, but also worn casually on the weekend. I can't tell you how many nice pieces spend most of their time in my closet!

Chambray Shirt

This Japanese selvedge cotton chambray shirt ($88) is actually inspired by vintage workwear from the early 1900's. Stone washed and with a relaxed fit this is a piece that could easily be dressed up for work with a nice pair of trousers or dressed down for the weekend with khaki's and a t-shirt. Available online only at

Cargo Jacket

This army green jacket ($98) in cotton poplin has a cinch tie at the waist and a great hood. Light enough to wear in summer months for just a bit of coverage. I love the idea of dressing this up a bit with a pencil skirt or trousers during the week and then using it as a go-to jacket on the weekends.

Pleated Cropped Trouser

I am obsessing about this silhouette of a pleated trouser, worn a bit loose that is then rolled up and cuffed and worn with heels. These trousers from Ever ($245) with tapered legs are perfect for that look. Best of all they can be dressed up or down. On the weekend I would wear them with sneakers and a t-shirt. Made of 65% polyester, 35% rayon in charcoal grey. Available from


I love this olive green jumpsuit ($128) from Free People with the look of a flight suit or uniform. Made of a linen and cotton blend with zip front closure. The bottom of the pants can be drawn in with a drawstring closure or worn loose. I would wear this with heels and am actually afraid to buy it because I think I would wear it every day! Available at