Saturday, February 2, 2013

Online Magazines

I love magazines. They are the perfect junk food at the end of a long day when I am too tired to read a book, but can make it through a short article.  Even just flipping the pages looking at all the pretty pictures can be inspirational and therapeutic.

Lately there have been some new magazines that have launched online without even having a print version.  Although I prefer the tactile feel of print pages, these new online versions have all the look and feel of their print cousins. One added benefit is that if something catches your eye you can click on it and go immediately to a website to buy it or learn more about it.

Here are some of my current favorites in this genre:


This magazine was founded by a former staff member of the print magazine Domino which I loved, but sadly this magazine did not survive.

Named for London and New York--the hometown of the two founders, Lonny magazine comes out bi-monthly and focuses on home decor, interior design, and lifestyle.

I love the photography and the design aesthetic which is clean and eclectic.

Sweet Paul Magazine

What started out as a blog and showcase for craft and food stylist Paul Lowe Einlyng, has turned into a successful online magazine with a cult following.

Full of recipes, crafts, entertaining ideas, and shopping tips, I find this to be the more creative and interesting version of Martha Stewart magazine.

Rue Magazine

This magazine is based out of my hood in San Francisco and focuses on home decor, fashion and shopping. In fact, a good portion of the content is in "Editor Picks" and product highlights which I like.

Now the magazine has added a robust new website and daily content as well.


This is a music mag with great photography and content that I actually want to read.  Not a traditional music magazine at all, the interviews and features are actually interesting and draw you in.