Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stuff on my Christmas List

Nespresso Milk Frother

My mom and sis bought me a Nespresso machine for my birthday last year and it is the most incredible machine ever.  Usually I like to just drink a double espresso with a small bit of sugar, but every now and then it would be nice to mix in a soy cappuccino.  Nespresso makes a cool milk frother add-on called the Aeroccino ($99) which makes perfectly frothed milk at the touch of a button.

Boiled Wool Slippers

I already own a pair of these Haflinger boiled wool slippers ($65) that I have worn to death.  They are cozy and warm without being too warm and they slip on easily.  The only problem is that I tend to wear them outside when I shouldn't.  If I get a new pair I promise to take better care of them!

Joe Beef

Joe Beef is hands down my favorite restaurant of all times, but unfortunately it is in Montreal, QC and it's a little hard to get there. The next best thing would be this new cookbook, The Art of Living according to Joe Beef ($40) with recipes from the restaurant as well as stories and tips.

Fur Infinity Scarf

This fur infinity scarf ($160) by 525 America is so soft and cozy I might never take it off.    It comes in black, grey and natural, but I definitely like the natural color best.

Polaroid Camera

I used to have a kodak polaroid camera when I was in 3rd grade.  I wish I still had that thing.  I am in love with the PX 600 Black Frame film ($23.50) that is available for the Polaroid 600 series camera.  The only problem is that I need a Polaroid 600 to go with it!  I like the Business Edition camera which you can find on eBay for anywhere from $50-$200.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

United Nude

It's been a while since I've had the time to blog, but finally with a few days off I'm feeling like it's time to come back to tracking my various finds.

I just discovered these amazing elastic shoes in all kinds of cool colors from United Nude. They come in high heel, medium heel and flats and prices range from$180-$195.

I love how they are kind of bohemian but still modern at the same time. I didn't try them on but have a feeling that the elastic is super comfy.