Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Propoganda Art

Personalized Oil Painting

The website Maopost was featured on Photojojo last week for their personalized propaganda paintings. For around $179-$199 USD you can send in a photo of yourself and receive a hand-painted oil painting in one of the many different propaganda poster styles. I happen to like the one at left, "Toughen yourself by braving the wind and the waves". There are examples of the before photos and resulting paintings on the website.

If you're not inclined to feature yourself in your artwork, the site also has some authentic posters for sale. I like this poster at right from 1970, "Strictly guard against sudden attacks from our enemies" ($175).


A less expensive option for Chinese propaganda art, this site offers a variety of reproduction posters for around $30. I like this one which literally reads "Communes are good" ($30), but apparently means something more like "Be happy". also offers an interesting selection of reproduction propaganda posters for sale. You can search by country and there are posters from France, Russia, Britain, Italy and the US.

I like the Absinthe (green fairy) abolition posters like this Swiss poster ($69.99) from 1910 on the right. Or, the posters depicting the horrors of alcohol like this French poster of the alcohol tree.

I also love some of the Russian political poster reproductions on this site like this one of wings with one red feather.

Or, this one with the woman sprinkling roses on the crowd. My Russian is a little rusty these days so if anyone knows what these say let me know!

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