Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Corset Rings

I love the look of a corset, but it's hard to fit them into everyday ware. Here's a more comfortable way to wear a corset everday with these great corset rings.

Sophie Gardner Jewelry
Sophie Gardner's jewelry draws from the design of ancient and modern worlds. This sterling silver "Synched" Corset Ring ($190.00) is sexy but still polished. Available from Auto. You can check out all of Sophie Gardner's jewelry on her website.

Spragwerks makes a much more rugged and rustic version of the corset ring ($160). This oxidized silver version is hand forged. Also available in silver & gold and bright silver. Available at spragwerks.com.

Alexander Draven

This sterling silver corset ring from Alexander Draven is a bargain at only $50! Available from Exquisitecorpse.com.

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