Monday, September 1, 2008

All Laced Up!

Dark Garden

This Hayes Valley boutique in the heart of San Francisco is tucked in an alley off the main shopping strip. I brought my sister in here over the weekend since she is performing a burlesque-type theater piece. Within 5 minutes the super-friendly staff had us both trying on a waist cincher type corset over our jeans and t-shirts. What was surprising to me was how comfortable they were. In fact, my back felt better and more supported that it has in some time.

Dark Garden has a variety of ready-to-wear corsets to choose from. Or, you can have one of these styles made in the fabric of your choice in 6-8 weeks. They also offer custom corsets where they measure and fit a corset exactly your body. Dita Von Teese has had some of her corsets designed here as well as Christina Aguilera.

Although I did not go in with the intention to buy one for myself, I could not resist purchasing a bright green and blue brocade waist cincher style corset (similar to this ivory one shown at the right from corsetdiva on Etsy).

I plan to wear mine over blouses and dresses as shown in these photos--more like a wide belt or cumberbun. I also think it would be great paired with a kimono style blouse or dress--more like an obi.

Dark Garden's corsets are true works of art and definitely too beautiful (and pricey) not to wear as often as possible.

Corset Belt

Slightly less confining than a full steel-boned corset, this leather corset belt ($250) is equally dramatic. It still advertises the same waist reducing properties from the back lacing as the corsets above.

I've actually been looking for a wide leather corset belt for some time without success. So, was happy to see this one while browsing on Etsy. Available from kvodesign's shop on Etsy.

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