Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Crazy Talk

CrazyTalk v5.1 from Reallusion is the greatest piece of software ever. Within 5 minutes (literally!) I was able to create this avi of our Puggottie Otto as a talking puppy! With a little more effort the possibilities are endless.

Only $49.95 for a dowloadable version it's a bargain! Create videos of your friends, family (babies!) and pets to send as e-cards, post to your website or load onto your cell phone. So intuitive and easy to use. Import your photos, line-up the eye and mouth guides and you are ready to create animations. It's really that easy.

You can record your own audio or use the text to audio feature to get a computer generated voice to speak whatever text you type in. I used one of the sample audio files that come with the program to create the video of Otto, but can't wait to experiment with my own audio files.

Look out for more Otto video in the near future!

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