Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Little Color

Inspired by the winter edition of Oprah's At Home magazine which is dedicated to color, Paloma and I are in the process of redesigning her room to be have a more tween/teen vibe. The core inspiration is this girl's bedroom with walls painted with Benjamin Moore Wild Orchid paint.

I love the collection of flea market paintings on the wall and how the bright blue contrasts against the purple. The vintage quilts on the bed extend the bohemian vibe. Purple is Paloma's favorite color so she already has a pretty good headstart in this direction with various purple and silver room accents like a dark purple shaggy rug.
I would love to find a great vintage or at least vintage-looking flower chandelier to add to the room like this one from Pearl kids ($518) only with less of a hefty price tag.

Or, maybe we'll go more in the direction of this clear acrylic chandelier from Urban Outfitters which is only $120! More modern in feel, but still would look nice I think.

Paloma's got a brushed silver daybed so we're working on adding a bunch of throw pillows to it like this faux-fur pillow from Urban Outfitters ($19.99).
If we can fit it in we may also add a little vanity table where Paloma can fix her hair and put on lip gloss. I love the price on this Target Simply Shabby Chic vanity--only $99!

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