Friday, December 26, 2008


No, not Michael Jackson's son (or is it daughter?), I'm talking about the warm, woolly kind. I've been wanting a really nice wool blanket to cover half of my bed--both as warmth and as a decoration. The look I'm going for is inspired by the Ace Hotel chain which has custom-made pendelton blankets gracing their guest beds like this:
Here's a few recent finds in my quest to replicate this look. Not sure I've quite hit it yet, but I may just have to get one of these.

LADAK blankets ($285) are made from recycled sweaters, blankets, jeans and parts of mattresses. They have been embellished with ribbons, rich fabrics and a lace finish and best of all 15% of profits from these blankets are donated to homeless shelters! These blankets are machine washable. Available from Reform School. 78"x54.5".

San Miguel Blanket

This San Miguel Pendelton blanket ($189.99 marked down from $278) from Sundance Cataolgue has been reproduced from authentic Navajo textiles. The simple cross design looks very modern and classic. Woven blend of wool and cotton, the blanket comes in great palette of cream and gray with a dash of red. I don't they expect they will last long at the sale price! 90"L x 86"W

Vintage Swiss Army Blanket

I love the swiss army logo. Yet another cross motif! Dating from the 1930's - 1950's, these thick wool swiss army blankets ($95) are the genuine article produced for the Swiss Army. Sundance carries them for $298, but I like the price tag on these vintage blankets from P.O.S.H. Chicago better! Dimensions: 57" x 82".

Yakima Camp Blanket

These classic Pendelton camp blankets ($108) were first designed to meet the rigorous demands of the Pacific Northwest. I love the stripes and muted palette. Tough enough for a camping trip and outdoor use, these blankets will last forever. 86% wool/14% cotton. Available in grey, brown and green. 90" x 90".

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