Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tangled Up in Chains

Right now I'm craving a big bunch of tangled chains that I can pair with t-shirts and a boyfriend jacket. You can definitely seek out individual pieces to combine, but here's a few pieces that are already combined for you.

J. Crew

I love the new Fenton & Fallon line for J.Crew. The Carrington side drape necklace ($275) is an amazing tangle of crystals, brass and silver ox-plated steel chains. I like the mix of girly sparkle with more of a hard-edged rocker vibe.

Alice & Olivia

The Alice & Olivia Multi-chain Necklace ($155) is also really cool with a tangled mix of silver and gold-toned chains. What I like about this one is the variety of lengths of the various chains.

Savage Salvage

From Etsy seller Savage Salvage come some amazing recycled vintage tangled chain necklaces. I think my favorite in all of these is the Decay & Divination necklace ($108) made of vintage crucifixes. It's a bold statement, but I would totally wear this.

A little more low-key, but equally fabulous is the Sweetness Silver necklace ($85) with a tangle of chain, pearls and rhinestones.

Urban Outfitters

Not near as stunning or funky, but with a much better price tag, the Urban Outfitters Cascading Chain Knot necklace ($28) is a layered multi-chain necklace in two-toned metal.

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