Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kitchen of My Dreams

I absolutely love this loft-like farmhouse set in an apple grove in Sebastopol, California that was featured in the April issue of Dwell Magazine (Fertile Grounds).

The house is made of concrete which was built via a series of C-shaped modules from the same system used to compose the structural system. I love that it is so light an airy and blends in with the country surroundings.
However, what I really love the most is the kitchen/dining area. This is truly the kitchen of my dreams. The porportions are huge! I love the the two islands--one concrete and the other made out of a giant slap of cypress and held up with sawhorses.

I also love the light fixtures which were made by the one of the owners of out branches, crystal pieces and strung bulbs. The whole effect is a bit rustic and casual while still modern.