Monday, April 5, 2010

Cottage in a Day

These modular pre-fab houses by Cottage in a Day are green and energy efficient, but also cool and stylish.

The construction is based on the use of structural insulated panels which provide superior strength, sound reduction, and energy efficiency.

The shed-style metal roof, low maintenance cement board siding and movable shutter doors are perfect for the weekend cottage, but I could also see living in one of these full-time. Built to withstand exreme weather conditions these would be perfect for Quebec.

I like the simple plywood interior and the open airy feel of the living spaces.

Pricing is really reasonable with the the most basic model starting at just $49k and going up to $200k for the large structures.

Since this is a Michigan-based company these structures conform to Michigan state standards. Plans would need to be approved for use outside this state.

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