Sunday, January 18, 2009

Watch This!

I love watches, but I'm really cheap when it comes to buying one. I also like durable watches that I can wear in the shower and pretty much never take off--so that crosses off a lot of watches right there! Here's a few with high fashion plus functionality--all under $250.


I've blogged about Nixon watches before. This California company designs products for surfers, skateboarders and snowboarders. I usually prefer men's watches over women's because I like larger faces, but Nixon has a women's style that I actually like a lot--the Kensington ($99). This watch comes in gold or silver and is available with several different watch face colors. I like the bright blue shown here, but I also like the brown/orange face with a silver band. Available at (among other places).


This watch was on my Christmas wish list, but Santa did not bring it so I'll keep dreaming! The Gommato Watch by IKE ($225) comes with three different colorful rubber straps (red, green or white). The watch features a stainless steel bezel and an enamel face. Water-resistant to 30m. Imported from Italy and available from

This fun, oversized watch from TKO ($125) is also from Italy, also water-resistant with a stainless steel bezel and rubber strap but cheaper than the IKE watch. Available in turquoise (shown), purple, fuschia, yellow or orange. This watch is available exclusively from

Tokyo Bay
Tokyo Bay makes fun fashion watches for both men and women. I like the unisex Barber watch which comes with a canvas striped band in different colors ($75). I don't think I can wear these in the shower, but maybe I can make an exception.


Swatch watches were such an obsession in the late 1980's that I haven't really paid much attention to them since. However, this brand does have some pretty cool fashion watch styles. I like their men's line better than the women's like this water-resistant Sundown watch ($110) with a rubber strap. I also like the Spymaker Blue watch ($165) with a stainless steel band.

Which of these do you like the best? Vote for your favorite on the right or leave me a comment below.

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