Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Thrill of the Hunt

I checked out the the Alameda Antique Fair this weekend and was surprised how high-end this event has become since the last time I went years ago. There are still deals to be had, but you've got to hunt for them. There is great furniture and home decor items, lots of vintage clothing & jewelry, art, rugs, vintage fabric and much more. Glad I limited the amount of cash I brought!

One of my favorite vendors was Big Daddy's Antiques from Los Angeles. They had great big pieces of furniture, large reproduction French bird cages (picture above), apothecary jars in green, this fantastic mirror covered in twigs, metal tables... I loved everything they had, but didn't walk away with any of their stuff this time.
I did walk away with a few things, though...Like this great silver and black moon bracelet ($20). Not sure if it's sterling or not, but just loved the design.
I also got some amazing sari fabric and velvet pillows stuffed with down. These were newish, but at $25 for all 3 who could resist?
I was searching for a vintage wool blanket and although they had some, did not find one I liked. Instead I bought this mexican wool shawl ($35) which I will use as a throw or wrap.
The find du jour was an amazing hand blown blue light ($85). I absolutely love this light although I'm not sure where I will use it...Would be great in a hallway or I might put it in the bathroom of the country house.

Finally I had been on the hunt for paintings for Paloma's room. Saw a bunch, but they were all priced out of my range. I did pick up this piece of religious art for $35...It's a start!
Alameda Antique Fair
Held the 1st Sunday of every month
early admission at 7am, regular admission at 9am
Goes until 3:00pm

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