Saturday, January 17, 2009

Recycled Lighting

Recycled Mason Jar Lights

I love these Antique Mason Jar Lights ($198) from Napa Style. The lights use authentic mason jars from as far back as the turn of the century. The jars are gathered from all over California and then repurposed into their new form by a talented artisan. Lights come with a 41” cords with ceiling hardwire mounting. Lights use a 40w bulb so they are not going to throw a lot of light, but I'm thinking they would be great on the back porch of my country house or maybe the small downstairs bathroom.

Recyled Metal Globe Lights
Another great recycled light option are these hanging lights from Viva Terra ($174 or $244) . They are made from recycled metallic bands to form a delicate lattice that lets ambient light shine through. The lights look a bit morroccan., but could easiy fit in a more traditional setting as well. Currently 30% off so get one while they last!
Recycled Film Lamp Shades

These film lamp shades ($35) from Etsy artist emkpainter are created with movie trailer film strips. The lamp shades look almost black when unlit and you can see the images on the film when lit up.

D.I.Y. Lamp
There are several great DIY project ideas for making your own recycled lamp in the project archives of ReadyMade magazine. I like this modern styrofoam cup lamp.
Or, purchase a kit to make your own lamp like this one from Bulbs Unlimited (39,95 €) that provides you with little snaps that you glue to ordinary light bulbs to transform them into interesting table lamps or chandeliers.

Or, follow these detailed visual instructions from artist Anneke Jakobs to create this cool recycled cardboard chiquita lamp.

If you know of other cool recycled lighting or recycled lighting projects post a comment!

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