Saturday, January 17, 2009


I just bought the most amazing, comfy, and eco-friendly plaid shirt from the Italian line B'Sbee. This line makes clothing for men and women out of organic cotton, hemp and recycyled plastic bottles. Wish I had a picture of this shirt to show because it's such a great color of green and blue, but instead here is a sweater jacket from the line at left.

I love the designer's philosopy of travel and exploration and respecting the earth and other people. B'Sbee takes it's name from a turquoise stone found in Arizona and in fact the tag for each article of clothing includes a small turquoise stone.

This line is a bit hard to find online, but you can check out the Italian online store at There are also a few items on and

If I ever go to Milan I definitely want to check out the B'Sbee boutique (at left). If you live in San Francisco you can find this line at August (in Oakland and Mill Valley).

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