Saturday, October 11, 2008

Making a List

I know it's only October, but it doesn't hurt to start thinking about Christmas gifts now. Here's a few ideas that I've collected recently that if nothing else may end up on my own Christmas list!


These Red Felted Wool Slippers ($59) are made from New Zealand wool that molds to the exact contours of your feet. Even better they are handmade in Nepal by a group of women supported by the UN Global Compact program for social responsibility. Available from Viva Terra.

Buddha Bowl

Designed to nestle with perfect comfort in the palm of your hand, the Buddha bowl ($28) allows you to enjoy tea, soup, cereal, and hot cocoa with ease. Slip your thumb through the hole and seat the bowl in your hand for easy sipping. Also available from Viva Terra.

Poco Dolce

These Aztec Chile tiles from San Francisco chocolatier Poco Dolce will warm up the most chilly winter night. Each chocolate is flavored with cinnamon, ground chiles, roasted pumpkin seeds and topped with grey sea salt. The heat of the chile hits you a few seconds after you swallow and the combination of savory and sweet is out of this world. $18 for an 8-piece box.

Silk Shawl

This Jamowar silk and wool shawl from India is available from the Fair Trade collective Ten Thousand Villages which provides an outlet for craftspeople from around the world to sell their wares. Keep warm in style and improve the lives of Indian artisans. ($125).

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