Monday, October 13, 2008

Pet Stuff


Protect your fur-baby with these cute "Santitas Do Brazil"charms ($22) that attach to your pet's collar. Each charm includes a St. Francis of Assisi charm (protector of animals) and a silver charm of your choice. Available from Ravinstyle.


This canteen-like box is a compact carrier for your pet’s food and water. Made of two halves, the Charlybox ($60) includes a two-liter canteen for fresh water, and two bowls for water and kibble. Snap the two halves together and set out for a day with your dog. When it’s time for a snack, separate the halves and fill one of the bowls with water from the canteen. The second bowl can be used for storing and serving kibble. Available from Design Within Reach.

Sock Monkey

This sock monkey dog toy ($10.99) is made from durable "sock" material with the requisite squeaker inside. Measures approximately 10" in length. Available from (and many other places online).

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