Monday, July 14, 2008

Bohemian Rhapsody

I'm definitely a fan of the bohemian look and my style tends to veer in this direction. Here's a few pieces I've seen lately that have caught my eye.

Kimchi & Blue
I love the colors and patterns of this silk dress from Urban Outfitters ($58). Trimmed with crochet at the neckline and partially lined. I would wear this as a long tunic over jeans.

Banana Republic

Here's another great silk dress from Banana Repulic ($110) with a paisley print in burnt orange and navy blue. Love the kimono sleeves!

Odd Molly
I saw some pieces from the Swedish designer Odd Molly at a boutique in Montreal and was immediately drawn to them. Each piece of Odd Molly clothing is hand sewn and all fabrics are organic and sustainably sourced. Gorgeous detailing and even the labels and tags are quirky and detailed. I love their embroidered tunic tops and dresses. Looks like you can email them to find out which stores carry their pieces in your area.

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