Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So Fierce!

Project Runway

Season 5 of the US version of Project Runway is underway right now. This is without a doubt my favorite show on tv. Each week a group of aspiring fashion designers designs an outfit based on a particular theme or challenge and the resulting designs are judged during a runway show.

I could not get the current episodes while I was in Canada, but luckily these are posted on YouTube within a few days of airing. The key to searching for episodes on YouTube is to use the format of S##E##. So, to view this season's episodes do a search on "project runway s05e01". I highly recommend you go back and watch season's 3 and 4 as well.

Project Runway Canada

There has been one season of Project Runway in Canada so far. This version is hosted by Iman, but is otherwise very similar. The great thing about the Canadian version is that all of the episodes are posted on the website. I definitely recommend watching season 1 online.
Where are They Now?

Christian Siriano, who was the winner of US Season 4 and brought the expression "fierce" into everyday vernacular, now has his line on BlueFly.
(Note: Christian was spotted during our stay in Montreal walking down the street. We managed not to yell out "Fierce!" as we drove by).

Jeffrey Sebilia, winner of Season 3, has a company called Cosa Nostra. His line is available at BlueBee and Revolve Clothing.

Don't Try this at Home

Inspired by Project Runway, I've decided to teach myself to sew this year. I've dabbled in sewing for years, making my daughter's Halloween costumes, and doing small projects like pillows or curtains. However, now I want to REALLY learn how to do things the right way.
I just picked up Diana Rupp's Sew Everything Workshop book and am going to try a few projects in there for my Fall wardrobe. This book really breaks down and explains terminology, how to read a pattern and all the basics of sewing.

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