Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are one of my Fall must-have items. Here's a few styles on my wishlist right now.
Straight Laced
I'm a big fan of lacing, buckles and straps. Love the back detail on these dark brown leather ankle boots ($548) from Fiorentini & Baker. 2 3/4" covered heel. Leather sole with rubber heel. Available at Gimme Shoes.

Feathered Friends
These boots don't even have a price tag so they are probably more expensive than a car. However, they are pretty amazing. Love the cutouts. I'm wondering if the feather detail would get wet and ruined? LD Tuttle "The Pygmalion" boots available at Creatures of Comfort.

Buckle Up

Love the slightly punk esthetic of these bump toe buckle boots from Marc Jacobs ($940). Way out of my price range, but if I win the lotto I'm going to get them. Available from Shopbop.

Brass Buttons

More in my realm are these antiqued leather booties with brass buttons from Seychelles ($98). Available from Urban Outfitters.

Big Buckle

More on the casual side, this suede bootie from Dolce Vita ($250) has a subtle golden sparkle. Trimmed with a wide leather buckle that is laced around the front and buckles at the side. Available from (online only).

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