Friday, August 15, 2008

Favorite Store of the Day

I'm in L.A. for the weekend and soaking the sun and shopping. Happened upon this great boutique on Main St in Venice/Santa Monica today called Planet Blue. Apparently it's been around since 1995 in Malibu, but it's new for me. They now have stores in Beverley Hills, Venice and Santa Monica, but what's even better is that some of the merchandise is on the Planet Blue online store!

Here are my favorite picks from the website (which doesn't even begin to cover all the merchandise in the store):

Lauren Conrad Valentine Dress

This kimono style dress ($295) is in a great shade of emerald green. Love the way it drapes and the fluid fabric. Could be dressed up or down.

Primp Embroidered Tee

I love the fact that this embroidered shirt from Primp ($131) is a soft knit rather than the usual stiff cotton. Even better that it's 100% bamboo!

Menswear Vest

This Bailey 44 Glenda Vest ($160) is black with thin grey stripes. Love the satin backing with bolder stripes in grey.

Mini Kaftan

I would wear this cotton mini-dress ($95) as a tunic over a pair of jeans or with some shorts. The back is open at the top to show a little skin. Love the sleeves and the fitted elastic waist.

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