Sunday, January 17, 2010

Road Trippin'

Over the Christmas holidays we completed our 5th roadtrip across the United States. This time we took a more Southern route following Route 66 for much of the journey. This is definitely not hte quickest route, but we were trying to avoid bad weather and also thought it would be an interesting route.

Places we stopped on this trip that we would recommend or go back to again:
Williams, AZ

This is a cute old "mainstreet USA" town which serves as a gateway to the Grand Canyon. You can take the train from Williams to the Grand Canyon.

We stayed at the El Rancho motel. An old motel court motel that takes dogs, has a park across the street to walk them, a laundramat next door. Rooms have a microwave, coffee pot, mini-fridge, satellite t.v. and they have an outdoor pool. Not fancy, but definitely a good value for the price.

We had a good breakfast at the Pine Country Restaurant before we had to get on our way again. Hopefully we will come back and explore this area more next time.

New Mexico

Our car broke down in Albuquerque which ate into the time we were going to spend checking out Santa Fe. However, what little we did see of New Mexico was absolutely stunning. We will definitely plan a separate trip just to explore New Mexico.

Cadillac Ranch (outside Amarillo, TX)

This is a fun quick roadside stop to stretch your legs and walk the dog. This art installation was originally built in 1974 by The Ant Farm, a San Francisco art collective. Graffiti-covered cars are half-buried, nose-down in a row along interstate 40. Cool photo opportunity.

St Louis, MO
We spent New Year's Eve in St Louis, but didn't get a chance to really explore the city. We missed out on trying two of the city's specialties: "concrete" and "toasted ravioli".

On our next trip back we want to be sure to visit Ted Drewe's for the frozen custard.

We also wanted to try Trattoria Marcella one of the many oustanding Italian restaurants on "the hill". Definitely more to do and see!

Nashville, TN
We didn't see that much of Nashville, but would definitely like to come back here. The downtown and outlying areas were beautiful and there seemed to be a ton of musical and cultural offerrings as well as being a big college town. We will definitely be back in Spring or Summer.

Hotel Indigo

We stayed in a couple Hotel Indigo's during our trip (Nashville and St Louis). This hotel chain reminds me a lot of the aLoft hotels. Funky design at an affordable price. What's great is they take pets. In Nashville we had a huge room right downtown with a sitting area which was really nice. Each hotel has it's own style.

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