Saturday, January 23, 2010

Post-Apocalyptic Fashion

I just saw "Book of Eli" and although it wasn't the best movie, I was inspired by the character Solara's (Mila Kunis) end-of-world fashion (minus the machine gun).

I love the heavily layered look with a vest, scarf, combat boots, plaid shirt and the aviator sunglasses. The movie was shot in muted sepia tones which I like as well.

Here's a few recent finds which I think play well into this theme.


I'm loving the cashmere and leather sleeves ($235) from Elaine Kim's latest collection. Paired with a sleeveless dress or tank they would make a simple outfit instantly interesting.

I also love the cashmere shrug ($275) from Elaine Kim with silk ties that hang down that can be styled as a wrapped scarf or draped loosely as in these photos.

Army Pants

The unisex Fisherman's Pant ($388) in army green from Harmon definitely has that end of the world vibe. Baggy with a slightly dropped crouch I love them cuffed with heels as in this picture or paired with boots. Available at

A little bit more affordable is the new cargo ($59)from Gap. I like them worn a little big and cuffed with heels as in this picture. I might buy them a size larger than usual.

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Charms said...

"I love the cargo pants, which I think never goes out of fashion. It's been there for a long time and have been improving each launch. If before they were just combine with juicy couture boots, now it is more trendy wearing heels."