Saturday, November 21, 2009

Slipper Round-up

Now is the time to stock up on slippers because after the holidays it is extremely hard to find a pair. Here's a few that I'm considering in my search for the perfect winter foot-warmer.

Boiled Wool

I love the simplicity of these colorful boiled wool slippers ($60) from Garnet Hill. Made in Germany with latex soles so you can go outside with them. Unfortunately the orange ones (my favorite) are no longer available, but if you happen to like pink or blue these look great.

Knit Booties
These cozy knit booties ($69) from Viva Terra are hand-made by a small group of indigenous people in South America. Made of cotten and wool with agave fiber soles for slip protection they are available in natural or grey.

Duvet Slippers
These quilted nylon slippers ($19.95) from Baffin are like mini-duvets for your feet. More like slippers than socks since they do not have a rubber sole, these slippers look comfortable and easy to pack for those weekend ski trips. Available in a variety of colors such as espresso, fern, merlot and black (pictured).


I'm a little bit tired of the ubiquitous suede Ugg boots, but I love these Ugg sweater slippers ($80) with a cool cable knit exterior and the warm and cozy sheepskin inside. Available in brown or creme from Bloomingdales.

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