Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Hate Perfume

I am always looking for that unique scent or perfume that will wear well and not give me a headache. I was exited to find CB I Hate Perfume during a quick trip to Dish in San Francisco.

These scents created by perfumer and artist Christopher Brosius are exciting and different from the usual perfume and can be used as personal or home fragrance. All scents are available as essential oils or spray and both are alcohol free.

I bought Burning Leaves ($60) which sounds strange, but reminds me of my country house with the smell of maple leaves and fires in the fireplace. I wish that Dish carried a wider selection because there are so many of these I would like to try. In the Library was also tempting, but I wish they had had Russian Caravan, Cedarwood Tea or M3 November which all sound amazing.

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Nolin said...

hello, i really like this picture, hehe, can i use it on my sticker, coz i am selling designer inspired perfume. im looking for a good label design, can i use this picture?