Sunday, November 29, 2009

Retro Gifts for the Photo Buff

Digital technology has made it easy for even the amateur photographer to achieve amazingly perfect shots. That's probably everything old school and imperfect is so popular right now. Here's some retro-inspired photography accessories and equipment for that photo enthusiast on your list.

Lo-fi Digital

This Diana lens and adapter for Canon DSLR ($60) is absolutely genius. Now you don't have to switch between film and digital to achieve the look of a Diana camera. Dianas are known for their low saturation, soft surreal blurs, and unpredictable colors and now you can achieve that same look with your DSLR camera. Available from Photojojo.

Blackbird, Fly
This plastic twin-lens reflex camera ($140) is a remake of the Japanese design developed in the 1920's with one lens for the view-finder and one for shooting. This camera uses 35mm film but also allows you to shoot in square format as well. LIke the Holga or Diana, this plastic TLR will give you unpredictable results, varied colors, etc. Available in a rainbow of colors from the SF Moma store.
Fuji Instax Instant Camera

Digital is cool, but sometimes you want the immediacy of a physical photo. This next generation poloroid from Fuji ($90) will print credit card sized photos on demand. Camera comes with a built-in flash, wide angle lens and multiple exposure settings. Film is about $10 for 20 exposures. Available from Photojojo.

Retro Camera Straps

I still have my 70's woven tapestry camera strap for my Canon SLR. You can find vintage straps on eBay or check out these new straps with that vintage look for your DLSR camera. The Boneca Linda shop on Etsy features a variety of woven straps like this madison strap ($35) at right.

I've blogged about Kat Straps before. These straps are handmade by a weaver named Kat and are available in all kinds of colors and cool designs like strap #28 at the left for $38, but all of her designs are amazing.

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