Monday, May 3, 2010

I Want to Ride My Bicycle

Portland, OR based company Vanilla Bicyles make extraordinary custom bicycles that are anything but plain Vanilla.

I love the commuter bikes shown here which make me want to move back to Montreal and bike to work. Or, run errands while looking fabulous and chic with a scarf tied around my neck.

The whole philosophy of Vanilla Bicycles is to stay small and keep production low. Unfortunately what that means for Vanilla fans is that the wait for a custom Vanilla bicycle is currently over 5 years!

Maybe we someday I will be lucky enough to own one. Quality and craftsmanship cost so at least I have some time to save up...

A little more in my price-range, European-style Public Bikes offers a range of city bikes all with a ton of style. The M3, three-speed bike ($750) is available in cream, orange or powder blue.

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