Friday, October 9, 2009


The infinity scarf or tube scarf (also called a snood) is another must have item for this Fall/Winter. Wear it up over your head like a hood or just loosely around the neck or even in some cases turn it into a dress! Here's a few of my favorites:


The Oak black oversized tube scarf ($148) is nice and chunky. Unfortunately it's made of 100% acrylic but I still like the knit and color.

Bop Basics

This cable knit tube scarf ($68) from Shopbop's own line of basics comes in taupe, white and black. Also 100% acrylic.


The Vince ribbed circle cotton scarf ($95) is a bit more refined than these chunkier versions. Available in amethyst and charcoal in 100% cotton.

American Apparel

The American Apparel tie dye circle scarf ($34)is more than a scarf. Extra long it can also be worn as a shawl or caplet and even turned into a dress (see options above).

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