Sunday, March 8, 2009

Stylish Storage

Let's face it, plastic bins may be functional, but they are certainly not very attractive for use inside the house. Here are a few storage choices I'm considering for those places where your storage container needs to be visible.

Wicker Hampers
I love these wicker hampers ($20-$26) from Bell'occhio which have flat tops so they can be stacked on top of each other. These would be great for paperwork in the office, or sewing/knitting stuff or craft stupplies.

Green Boxes

Another item from Bell'occhio, these green foil covered boxes ($18-$32) have that Parisian flair. I am thinking these would be great for photographs and mementos, or perhaps as sweater or shoe boxes in the closet.

Locker Room Baskets

These steel locker room baskets ($48) from Napa Style are salvaged from schools across the USA. Some date back to the early 1960s, and all show patina and wear. These would be great in the kitchen or maybe in a teenager's room.

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