Monday, December 5, 2011


I am inspired by a red, white and blue 60's ski sweater that I picked up this weekend at the Alameda Antique Faire for $25.

The one I got is by Demetre and is very heavy wool in navy blue with red stripes and cool spiders on each sleeve.

You can find these vintage wool sweaters on Etsy or eBay, like this one with reindeer on the sleeves for $39. Or, this striped and somewhat nautical version for $23.

Meister and Demetre seem to be a popular brands of this type of sweater and a good keyword search on the vintage sites.

A little out of my price range, but beautiful, is the the Authier arm band sweater ($895) from J. Crew.  This sweater  is a modern version of the vintage 60's ski sweater.  Made in Italy in navy blue with a red stripe at the sleeve it is sporty and elegant at the same time.

These would be great paired with skinny jeans and boots.


Dr.007 said...

Ive got the smae sweater - its a Demetre spider named for Spider Sabich the US skier who was infamously killed by his lover Claudine Longet and famously lampooned on SNL.

de rosa said...

what size is the sweater? any interest in selling it?

jpcolonna said...

any interest in selling the demetre sweater? I am looking for one. THX

Modjohn said...

We should form a gang! I bought mine for 2 bucks at Goodwill in Denver in 1992. I'm wearing it now. Someone just complimented me on it. That's why I'm here! Even when I bought it I knew its dark history. J Crew.... nothing like the original. Spider Sabich should have been my Halloween costume.